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Palais Chalet

dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Pneu 12, vinyle 12", 33rpm

The Palais Chalet compilation features groups that we had the pleasure to invite to one or the other Palais Chalet Party during the last years.

A1- Bruno Cœurvert - Après le sombre orage
A2- Villa piégée - Bleed
A3- :Codes - Time boes by
A4- Helmutmut - Zig-Zag
A5- Nora Duester - Shine like crazy
B1- Pierre Normal - L’Antre
B2- The Dreams - Rendez-vous
B3- Dolina - Ti Kanis
B4- Muschi Muschi Magic Circus - Snake
B5- Sun Papa and The Fan Club Orchestra - Coiff Madou

All songs are recorded and mixed by the respective groups.
Compiled and produced by : Pneu Rec
Cover illustration by : Atka and HJ
Pre-mastering by : Fred Alstadt
Pressing : 317 copies
write to : order(at) for orders

Digital release :